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We have been in the kitchen installation business for 30 years and we really do know what we are doing. If you are having a new luxury kitchen installed you really do need a company that knows this trade inside–out. This cannot be stressed enough. Any firm is only as good as the finished job.

Perfectionists With An Exceptional Reputation

A job for professionals, perfectionists with a high reputation. Installed kitchens are not simple, they need plumbing, electrical, gas and installation work to a high degree of excellence with all the documents to back this up. Take this paragraph as THE most important you will read regarding kitchens and their installation. Do it once, do it right.

Aesthetics, Practicality and Cost

We can supply and fit a kitchen chosen from our many, many ranges, we can discuss, draw up 3D perspectives, show samples and give references until you have a complete presentation to your liking. We have to attempt to juggle three balls and keep them up in the air. Aesthetics, practicality and cost. Cost is normally the ball that bounces a few times; naturally. We never try to price ourselves out of the market, so we offer different ranges, quality and designs to get that budget acceptable.

Unbeatable Quality

As a complete package with bias aside; we truly believe ourselves to be unbeatable for the quality of furniture and perfectionist installation. Of course we can be beaten – there is a ‘spectrum’ of everything in this life, we cannot read minds! Some potential clients give us a budget; some give us ‘poetic licence’. There is no such thing as magic (well not in this business) – If a company offers the exact same kitchen £1K cheaper – There is a reason for it; yes there is.

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