Bespoke Cambridge kitchens and Bathrooms by Interior Design


Kingsley May

The above picture is a bespoke kitchen called “The Kingsley May”. Our own concept, design, manufacture and installation. It is a grand example of bespoke hand crafted furniture. That being said, bespoke furniture doesn’t necessarily mean grand, huge or indeed ‘old fashioned’ or traditional. We can literally manufacture ANYTHING you want from ‘distressed oak’ to ‘high gloss laminate’. Glass, mirrored, wood, stone, steel, the options are endless.

Many years ago there were two ends of the spectrum: the cheapest DIY to the very expensive bespoke. The bespoke kitchen cost has come down somewhat due to technology and manufacturing processes. There is also a ‘range’ of bespoke from hand crafted doors onto non-bespoke carcasses to solid wood throughout.

Don’t let the word ‘bespoke’ scare you, if you have a dream in your head, we can materialise it. It may not be cheap, but it might not make you faint!